BIO - Fashyne & Fidgal

In Jan. 2024 we adapted a new pen name Fashyne who represents Maria Iuliano.  Fashyne was born in Canada, in the heart of the Great Lakes. At five years old, she had a near-death experience (NDE) that shifted her view of reality forever. During the NDE, she met her Guardian Angel, Fidgal, who provided Fashyne with a glimpse of
life beyond the earthy realm. Fashyne shares her insights at conferences and events around the globe by connecting with Fidgal and telling the world what he says.  As an Indigo child, she is a motivational speaker, activist and educator of the NOW children (Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow Series Children). She is also a best selling author on Amazon.

She graduated with Honors, in Peace and Conflict Studies from Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology. As a Peace Therapist, she utilizes her education and spiritual gifts of seeing auras to guide
clients towards more Life Balance.  Fashyne continues to explore the world of metaphysics and
parapsychology, by passing the information that she has learned forward to her followers through her YouTube channel and her popular podcast "The New Normal"

Here are some videos from Fidgal's YouTube channel:

More videos to come.

"Those who pay the price for discipline will always be rewarded in the future"