Who are the "NOW" Children?

Indigo children have stronger spiritual gifts than logical gifts. These children come from a different dimension of heaven and have strong intuitions. They are here to bring peace and clean up the education system, the field of nutrition, government and other important areas.

Unfortunately, many of the Indigo series children are getting irritated with this world and as a result are getting sick. They are developing more health problems, especially behavioral issues and the loss of senses. Their gifts are not visible and they are unable to use them as they are being over medicated.

Maria is an Indigo child and understands their feelings and gifts. She specializes in Indigo children who are misunderstood and labeled Autistic as they may be part of the Indigo Series Children. Maria gives guidance to parents and children using alternative therapy approaches. These issues cannot be solved logically or with medication. Many medical doctors are not able to resolve the challenges facing Indigo children and therefore prescribe medication to help them fit into society.

Some characteristics: love rainbows, high sensitivity to people's energy, picky eaters, lower education marks, and love controlled changed. The love change when they control it.   

More information to come ...

We are currently conducting a pilot project for our upcoming book "The NOW children". 

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