Maria Iuliano's near-death experience at the age of five shifted her way of viewing and perceiving the world. Maria has a gift of strong intuition and a life path number 11 in numerology.

Maria uses her gifts, and knowledge, her ability
to feel energy and see auras, and her expertise in the afterlife, to help others find and create inner peace.

She went to different dimensions and discovered the
Valley of Angels.

Maria's readings are so profound that her clientele
is steadily growing.

We all have the ability to read each others energy.

Some people are able to tap into

their intuition, energy and angels more than others.


An aura is the energy around you, and it appears in various colours surrounding the whole body. Everyone who is human has an aura that can be seen or felt by certain gifted people. Each colour in your aura has a different meaning about what is going on your current life.

This takes no effort on your part. We talk and according to your answers, a colour will appear that corresponds to your energy. Based on your aura, certain messages are revealed to guide you towards improving your life.

While I am conducting your reading, I am also cleansing your energy. Sometimes people have an aura imbalance of one colour. This imbalance, can cause attachment issues.


It is known that we will return on earth if we do not complete our purpose.

This process is called rebirth or reincarnation, and often times is controversial with some people.

Whatever you did not resolve in your past live, you will bring forward in your current life.

We exam two aura's - past & current and then we apply alternative therapies to resolve the attachments that are holding you back.


It is known that we have angels around us, helping us succeed.

While visiting heaven I went to the Valley of Angels. Each soul has 12 Valley of Angels that protect and give us messages. When we sleep they meet!

I channel messages from your Valley of Angels to give you more clarity of how to improve various areas in your life. I also educate you to be more aware of how the universe uses various signs to give you messages. 

Here are some powerful movies that might help you understand the Valley of Angels.





Mind / Body

Health / Nutrition




Ladies Night In

Asks 5 - 7 ladies

Ask each lady to bring something to share (snacks)

Hostess sets up a private room (two chairs)

Hostess sets up a common area for snacks (living or kitchen room)

Each lady will receive 22 mins. aura reading in the private room

Learn Your Colors

Wear your PJ's, Have a theme night ...


$35 per person


All readings:

$95 /hour or 30 min./$65 for locals only (Sault Ste. Marie)

$130 /hour or 30 min./$75 out-of-town