Crisis of Spirit

Based on a True Story

When Maria was five, she had a near-death experience during open-heart surgery and was pronounced "clinically dead". While out of her body, she traveled and explored other dimensions and she learned many teachings from key individuals of popular culture, academia and spirituality. When Maria returned to school, a Catholic school counselor threatened to have Maria taken away from her family if she spoke about her time in heaven. Maria explains how to achieve balance using the deep and logical theory. She is able to recall the messages once thought to be lost. Read More ...

Direct Every Angel To Heaven

Based on a true story

Maria examines the mysteries and beauty that awaits us all in the afterlife.

Her intent is to help people, who are referred to as pre-angels, to better understand death and to replace the fear of dying with peace of mind.  Maria uses her unique practical learning style to answer the never-ending questions: "How do we find our purpose?" or "What happens when we die?". She discusses the familiar elements that pre-angels will meet in the afterlife. Read more ...

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Three Holes In Your Heart

Based on a true story.

This book takes you to a whole new world where the heart has a language all of its own. The author focuses on the different levels of love and the understanding of love. The book also provides in great detail, information regarding twin flames and soul mates. The heart can be broken into certain sections that create different types of pain that cause some pre-angels (people) to become emotionally lost at times.

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Spirits, Lives, Ego, Angels, Paranormal


Based on a true story

In this groundbreaking book we cover what the various elements in the different dimensions mean. The chapters discuss such topics as Spirits and Angels and how the Ego plays a virtual role in each dimension including the learning world (Earth). The paranormal section of this book gives examples of the different levels of reality and also illustrates how we are connected.  True stories and unexplained events occur each day. This book gives the interpretations of the reasoning behind them. Many of the darkest questions are revealed in a more peaceful and enlightened manner.

You are never alone ...

Release Date: October 2018





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