Crisis of Spirit

Based on a True Story

When Maria was five, she had a near-death experience during open-heart surgery and was pronounced "clinically dead".  While out of her body, she traveled and explored other dimensions and she learned many teachings from key individuals of popular culture, academia and spirituality. When Maria returned to school, a Catholic school counselor threatened to have Maria taken away from her family if she spoke about her time in heaven. Fear and a crisis of spirit kept Maria silent for years.
Maria is now an adult who has reconnected with her spirituality and she is able to recall the messages once thought to be lost. These powerful messages were meant for the greater good of humanity and have been withheld from the world. She shares her journey and lessons in this book. Using these teachings, you will experience a shift of awareness that will empower you to change your life and enable you to embrace hope, balance and find peace within.


Just because you can't see Maria in person doesn't mean you cannot receive her powerful messages.

Maria published her first book

"Crisis of Spirit"

on July 16, 2016, 36 years from

the day that she actually flat-lined.

Her first book was ranked within top 100 

Best New Releases on Amazon.



Following her first book, Crisis of Spirit, in which Maria tells the stories and teachings from her near-death experience at the age of five, Direct Every Angel to Heaven, examines the mysteries and beauty in the common end that awaits us all. 

Her intent is to help people, who she calls pre-angels, understand death so they have peace of mind to heal the fears of dying. She discusses the familiar elements that pre-angels will meet in the afterlife. This book gives great detail of the different dimensions that Maria visited during her near-death experience. With clarity and elegance, Maria uses her unique practical learning style to answer the never-ending questions: How do we find our purpose? What happens when we die?

There is nothing to fear! A peaceful voyage awaits us all.

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