Crisis of Spirit Guidance
(Identity Crisis)

There are many factors that can contribute to Crisis of Spirit.

We focus on certain alternative therapies that can help you achieve peace and remove the civil war that is within yourself.

There is no mid-life crisis in the spiritual world, just a crisis of spirit. People are so busy that they are not living in the moment until life slows down or a crisis occurs. At this point they self reflect, feel lost and wonder who they are now ...

Some Chapters include:

Invisible Vibrational Energy

Seven Senses

Depression vs Attachment

Law of Attraction

Why do people have Affairs

Why People Commit Suicide

Toxic Workplaces

Logical and Deep Theory


12 Deep & Logical Teachings


PEACE THERAPY - Attachments & Detachments

people are attached to events, people, addictions,
ego, and past lives.
Some also give empathy instead of
sympathy and this can cause a lot emotional distress
resulting that could lead to depression or anxiety.

According to the peace theory I learned, attachments
and expectations create imbalance
.  We address the
attachment issues using the detachment diagram and
understanding Past Life Attachments.

(Who am I?)

At certain times in our lives, some individuals become lost with who they are now. We offer a certain type of therapy that can help with this issue. Everyone learns differently and everyone heals differently. We use PEACE TOOLS to guide people in achieving peace. Music therapy is for the audio learners, role playing helps the practical learners and the art therapy helps the logical people tap into their creative side. We use other peace tools that will be discussed at the session.

I had a crisis of spirit at the age of five years old and I had to take a course about myself. I achieved balance and peace and know who I am now.

Do you know who you are?